6 December 2009

Crime Fiction Alphabet - Summarising the Letter i

The Alphabet in Crime Fiction - a Community Meme.

The letter for the week beginning 30 November was the Letter i

We have a record 11 contributors this week with a couple of very welcome newcomers, and a couple of regulars missing.
It was interesting to note the choice of Arnaldur Indridason by 3 bloggers, and Ian Rankin by 2.
Tomorrow we move to the 10th letter: J.
How about you? Will you join in?

This week's contributions
A note about the "holiday season"
- yes we will have a "holiday recess"
  • J is scheduled for the week beginning December 7,
  • K ....... week beginning December 14
  • L ....... week beginning December 21
Then we will have a strength gathering break, so letter M will be the week beginning January 11, when hopefully we are all back into the swing of things. There are some challenging letters to come!


Bernadette said...

I'm glad there's a break for the holidays Kerrie - I'm struggling a bit to find one word titles for some letters :)

Kerrie said...

Well, good luck with J Bernadette. I discovered I don't have a single title beginning with J in my database - not one in 5 years! I'll be interested to see what you can find.

Kiwicraig said...

Kia Ora Kerrie. Apologies for my tardiness with the "I" post - I had some computer issues the past few days, so I've got to go back and 're-post' a few things that were never successfully finalised/uploaded. My 'I' post is on Kiwi writer Ian Sutherland, who wrote one thriller back in 2002. I'll be getting it online later today I hope. Hopefully you'll be able to link it back to your "I" post.

Kia Kaha from Aotearoa.



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