5 December 2009

Mini-review: THE DEVIL'S COMPANIONS, John Misto

ISBN 0733619517 Hodder RRP$32.95. published 2005.

What could be worse than losing a child on Christmas Eve?

Three year old Anna Brennan was abducted from her seat in a crowded church at midnight mass while her parents left her for a moment to receive Communion. She is kidnapped, believed murdered.

Twenty years later, in the process of a burglary investigation at a nun's convent, a startling piece of evidence accidentally comes to light. Could Anna still be alive? If so, who abducted her, and why? Detective Constable Greg Raine is assigned the task of solving the case and reuniting Anna with her parents. But a nightmare of treachery and murder lies ahead. In a shattering climax, the detective unearths the secret behind Anna’s disappearance … and it’s a discovery that comes at a terrifying price.

My rating 4.2

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John Misto is an Australian author, born in Sydney, who has been writing for the stage and television for 2 decades. For his work in television John has won three AFI Awards and three Writers’ Guild Awards, but THE DEVIL'S COMPANIONS appears to be his only crime fiction novel.

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for this reivew. I enjoy stories like this where modern-day mysteries have their roots in the past. This one looks like a really interesting one.


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