6 December 2009

Sunday Salon - 6 December 2009

Imagine nearly 500 readers blogging about their current reading - that's what the Sunday Salon is. All of the contributors' Sunday Salon posts are collected via Yahoo Pipes into a single feed. You can subscribe to it by RSS or email or on Twitter. There is also a Sunday Salon room at FriendFeed, where you can read and comment on all the Salon posts.

It has been busy in blogland this week with the launch of the Blog Advent Tour, the acceleration of Suggest a Christmas Title, and the week of the letter i in the Crime Fiction Alphabet series, just to name a few things you could have been involved in.

In the "real world" Christmas preparations have been gathering pace - here DownUnder it is the season of Christmas pageants and neighbourhood parties. Fitting some reading in is getting to be a challenge.

Be part of my blog this week
  • Join the Alphabet in Crime Fiction Community Meme.
    Tomorrow my blog will feature the invitation for the letter J. Today see the contributions for the letter i.
    Another way to get people to visit your blog, and also to meet some new crime fiction bloggers. In the last week we had 10 contributions so it is becoming a great way to see recommendations for new crime fiction titles and authors. We don't mind if you recycle a review you've already written or just contribute occasionally.
  • I'm running a feature called Suggest a Christmas Title.
    You can participate in this whether you are a crime fiction blogger or not.
    What you'll need to do is write a blog post about a book that some how features Christmas. Lots of people I know like to take advantage of the season by reading a book that is set at Christmas or is about Christmas in some way. In your blog post you can suggest several books or just focus on one. I'm using a Mr Linky so you can come back to link to more than one of your posts if you like.
  • Do you read Agatha Christie? Do you write about her novels on your blog? Then join the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge, participate in the monthly Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival. The next one will be posted on December 23.
  • Looking for some crime fiction blogs to follow? Then check the 100 or so that I have listed on Crime Fiction Journeys. This list updates as people post on their blogs.
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  • Kindle - EXECUTIVE LUNCH, Maria Schneider
  • audio (in the car) - THE DEVIL'S PEAK, Deon Myer
  • on line - THE DOG WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD, Alexander McCall Smith chapt 66
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