12 May 2014

Get your Aussie crime fiction as Amazon e-books

In the last few months I've reviewed some new Australian crime fiction and readers of my blog have commented on their unavailability outside Australia at reasonable prices.

Be assured that those of us who live here in Oz pay in the order of $32.95 AUS for trade paperbacks. If I converted that to US dollars it comes to about $35 US on our current exchange rate - nothing like what US citizens would expect to pay for a home grown title..

However sometimes reading on your Kindle (if you have one) gives welcome price relief.

Here are some US prices - at least that is the price I think you will see on Amazon US.
The regional price war may kick in, and the US price that you can see may be more. Please comment if it is.

FATAL IMPACT by Kathryn Fox
Published early 2014. Kindle price currently $13.93 US

Published 2013, Kindle price currently $8.93 US
DEATH BY BEAUTY by Gabrielle Lord
Published 2012. Kindle price currently $11.12 US

Not yet available for US but prices for earlier titles are $9.26 US

ST KILDA BLUES by Geoffrey McGeachin
publication date 1 June 2014, Kindle price currently $9.26 US

Don't have a Kindle?
It strikes me that with Kindle currently selling for $69 US, you've still got to be ahead.
The alternative of course would be to put the free Kindle App on your iPad, or even install it on your laptop/computer.

These Kindle prices for Australian authors are more or less in line with what I would expect to pay for Kindle prices of non- Australian crime fiction.


Eva said...

Good news, I'll check out some of these.
Just remember that there are Kindle Apps for devices outside the iVerse too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - You're quite right about how useful a Kindle is for getting books that aren't easily available in paper form. And good to know that there is plenty of Australian crime fiction available in e-format.

Irene said...

thank you for your suggestions, I too find it almost impossible to find these in the book stores, however I've been hitting my library and making requests. Not a lot of success, but I'm working on it.

TracyK said...

Very interesting information, Kerrie. I will get Kindle copies of Australian titles when I have to. For instance, the books by Sulari Gentill are very reasonably priced as e-books. But I still would rather have a paper copy.


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