2 May 2014

What I read in April 2014

Crime Fiction Pick of the Month 2014
Lots of very satisfying reading this month, mainly British authors, including a couple of new-to-me ones.**
  1. 4.3, THE STRANGLING ON THE STAGE, Simon Brett
  2. 4.8, THE WHITE CORRIDOR, Christopher Fowler  - audio book
  3. 4.5, HALLOWE'EN PARTY, Agatha Christie 
  4. 4.5, THE FIRE DANCE, Helene Tursten - translated 
  5. 4.7, THE DISCOURTESY OF DEATH, William Brodrick **
  6. 4.5, THE INSPECTOR BARLACH MYSTERIES, Friedrich Durrenmatt - translated, Vintage crime fiction 
  7. 4.9, A WHISPERED NAME, William Brodrick **
  8. 4.7, HUNTING SHADOWS, Charles Todd - audio book
  9. 4.4, THE LABYRINTH MAKERS, Anthony Price -audio book **
  10. 4.4, THE GHOST RUNNER, Parker Bilal
My pick of the month is A WHISPERED NAME by William Brodrick
This is #3 in the Father Anselm series.

Synopsis (Fantastic Fiction)

'To keep quiet about something so important ...well, it's almost a lie, wouldn't you say?' When Father Anselm meets Kate Seymour in the cemetery at Larkwood, he is dismayed to hear her allegation. Herbert Moore had been one of the founding fathers of the Priory, revered by all who met him, a man who'd shaped Anselm's own vocation.

The idea that someone could look on his grave and speak of a lie is inconceivable. But Anselm soon learns that Herbert did indeed have secrets in his past that he kept hidden all his life.

In 1917, during the terrible slaughter of the Passchendale campaign, a soldier faced a court martial for desertion. Herbert, charged with a responsibility that would change the course of his life, sat upon the panel that judged him. In coming to understand the court martial, Anselm discovers its true significance: a secret victory that transformed the young Captain Moore and shone a light upon the horror of war.

See what I thought of it.

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