18 May 2014

Review: GIDEON'S MONTH, John Creasey writing as J. J. Marric - audio book

Synopsis (Publisher)

The month of May seemed to be starting quietly enough for Inspector Gideon of Scotland Yard. But no sooner had he begun to relax in the sunny weather than things started happening all over the great metropolis… From an army of children seemingly led by a modern Fagin to a homicidal housekeeper, Gideon has to solve the crimes before the month--and his job--are history. 

My Take

If you like your British police procedurals particularly in audio book form, and very well narrated, then these may suit. GIDEON'S MONTH follows the pattern of the earlier titles (see below) - George Gideon, Commander of Scotland Yard, managing an extraordinarily heavy case load, with the attitude that nothing is too small for his attention. The complexity of his job is well illustrated: murders, disappearances, abductions, and thefts. Gideon likes to keep close control of all those who work for him. In addition the author explores relationships within his team and also the support GG gets from his family.

Highly recommendable, and expect to find me listening to some more.

My rating: 4.4

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