31 May 2014

Review: BURIAL OF GHOSTS, Ann Cleeves

  • first published in 2003, republished by Pan books 2013
  • ISBN 9-781447-241300
  • 343 pages
  • library book
Synopsis (Author website)

For Lizzie Bartholomew, a holiday in Morocco will change life forever. But not in the way she had hoped...

Lizzie had planned her trip to Marrakech as the perfect escape from her life - and her nightmares - in Northumberland.
Abandoned as a baby, and having spent her childhood moving between foster homes, Lizzie certainly has much to escape from. And for Lizzie, Morocco is the exotic paradise that she had imagined. Especially when she finds herself on a bus sitting next to a fellow tourist, who is also travelling to fulfil his dreams.

After a brief affair, Lizzie returns to England. In the days that follow, she is distracted by thoughts of her mysterious lover, hoping against hope that Philip might come and find her. But suddenly she receives a letter from a firm of solicitors. Philip Samson has died. In his will, he has left Lizzie a gift of £15,000. But there are conditions attached to this unexpected legacy, conditions that will alter the course of Lizzie's life forever..

My Take

Ann Cleeves has drawn quite heavily on her own experience as a probation officer in this stand-alone story and that lends the tale an air of authenticity although several aspects of it do stretch the bounds of credibility.

Award winning Cleeves has become known for her Shetland novels and her Vera Stanhope series, and so it is nice to come across a non-series title occasionally. There are Gothic qualities to this novel which remind me of books I read in an earlier life. Nevertheless an enjoyable read.

My rating: 4.5

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Interesting departure from Cleeves' Perez and Stanhope novels. I'm glad you found it enjoyable.


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