20 April 2015

Death of a Kindle

My poor Kindle 2, bought in 2009, gave notice of its imminent death last week.
It refused to come to life when I pushed the "wake me up" switch.
I could fool it into life by connecting it to the computer as if it was getting a life saving drink, and then it would activate when I pulled the umbilical cord out. However if I then left it unattended, it went back to sleep, and would not activate.

So I thought, can I do without it? I do read using the Kindle App on my iPad, but I do read nearly a quarter of my books as e-books. I find the iPad a bit cumbersome when lying on my side reading in bed, so I bit the bullet.

I now have a Paper White Kindle - because of the Australian $ exchange rate, it was a bit more expensive than I would have liked, but in contrast to my older Kindle 2, it is back lit (so I could, if I wanted to, read in the dark), and there are no buttons - I can just touch the side of the screen to get to the next page.

I'm still learning the rest of its features, but I am amused at the way it can tell me how much time a book will take me to read.

One thing I would like to know is whether I can copy the content of my Kindle2 into my Paper White. Any experiences?


Vicki said...

Kerrie, are these books not purchased from Amazon? If you email me, I can lead you through it. vickityley@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your Kindle, Kerrie. Still, that new one's nice. I wish you much happy reading with it.

Jose Ignacio Escribano said...

Sorry I can't help Kerrie, but I'm very interested on your experience regarding with your new Paper White and how you manage to copy the content of your Kindle2 into the new device.

nonie said...

If you bought them from Amazon, then you need to download them from your content library on Amazon to the new kindle. If they are not from Amazon (hence deDRMed), just copy those from your document folder on the kindle when you have the old one connected. Then put them in the new paperwhite 's document folder. The kindle books downloaded on the old kindle won't work on the new one and you will have to redo load them once your new paperwhite is registered. Hope that helps!

Kerrie said...

Thanks for the advice Nonie and Vicki. That is more or less what Amazon have told me. What a pity they couldn't have made it easier to transfer Collections

skiourophile said...

I'm probably going to need to upgrade my ancient kindle eventually (battery life is reducing) so this is interesting to me - I hope you manage to transfer everything successfully.


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