10 April 2015

Update: British Books Challenge 2015

As I've remarked before, reading British crime fiction is not actually much of a challenge for me, because my local library has so much on offer, and I am hooked on so many authors.

British Books Challenge 2015
- mine will be crime fiction

Of the 44 books I've read this year, I have classified 17 as British.
Usually the classification relates to the author, although I do find it hard to put Peter Robinson's Banks series anywhere else, even though he is Canadian.

So my participation in the 2015 British Books challenge, being hosted by Fluttering Butterflies, is more record keeping than anything else, because I've already completed the initial challenge of reading 12 titles.

Here are the books I've read this year
  1. 4.8, ONLY THE INNOCENT, Rachel Abbott
  2. 5.0, ENTRY ISLAND, Peter May 
  3. 4.0, THE GOLDEN CLAW, Sax Rohmer  
  4. 4.6, THIN AIR, Ann Cleeves
  5. 4.7, PUT ON BY CUNNING, Ruth Rendell  
  7. 4.3, THE MONOGRAM MURDERS, Sophie Hannah  
  8. 4.3, A SLEEPING LIFE, Ruth Rendell
  9. 4.0, DEATH OF A LIAR, M.C. Beaton
  10. 4.9, THE BACK ROAD, Rachel Abbott   
  11. 4.3, DEAD HEADING, Catherine Aird
  12. 3.8, THEY FOUND HIM DEAD, Georgette Heyer 
  13. 4.8, ABATTOIR BLUES, Peter Robinson  (setting)  
  14. 4.5, SINS OF THE FATHER, Graham Hurley  
  15. 4.8, RUNAWAY, Peter May 
  16. 4.5, POIROT and me, David Suchet
  17. 4.4, HIS BURIAL TOO, Catherine Aird

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Anonymous said...

Nice list, Kerrie. I must read that Suchet - I'm interested...


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