8 April 2015

USA Fiction Challenge continues in 2015

State by State - an ongoing challenge
Ever thought you would like to read your way across America?
The USA Fiction Challenge asks you to do just that.
Read just one novel from each state - you choose whether the link is the setting or the author.
You choose whether you confine yourself to a particular genre or not.

This was a challenge that I initiated last year and it is ongoing, you can do for as long as you like.

It has it's own site USA Fiction Challenge where you can sign up and then record what you've read.

I have my own record page here: I've covered 20 states so far.

create your own personalized map of the USA

I'm recording multiple books for each state, and all my books are crime fiction, but really you can schoose any genre,
This year I've read
  1.  4.3, MASTERMIND, Helen Goltz - Washington DC
  2.  4.5, MURDER ONE, Robert Dugoni - Seattle, Washington
  3. 3.8, THAT AFFAIR NEXT DOOR, Anna Katherine Green - New York 
  4. 4.7, THE DARK ROAD TO MERCY, Wiley Cash- North Carolina
  5. 4.4, ANGLE OF INVESTIGATION, Michael Connelly - California 
  6. 4.7, BY ITS COVER, Donna Leon - author birth place 
  7. 4.5, THE KIZUNA COAST, Sujata Massey -author residence 
  8. 3.8, ROSEMARY'S BABY, Ira Levin - New York 
  9. 3.6, DEAD RECKONING, Michael B. Smart - New York - author birthplace 
  10. 4.6, PAYING THE PIPER, Simon Wood - California (setting)

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