3 January 2016

Kerrie's Top "Ten" in 2015

As usual there is something seriously wrong with my counting.
Crime fiction of course
I read 137 books in 2015 and here is the top of my list.

However I can't even assure you at this distance that the book at the very top is the best that I read.
I suspect that honour could probably go to any on this list, and perhaps even to one a little further down.
For the other 100 or so see here.


Anonymous said...

You have some excellent choices here, Kerrie. Glad you had so many good reads.

Kiwicraig said...

Some terrific books and authors there Kerrie (including several I've heard great things about and need to read and have now further jumped up my TBR pile). Interesting that you loved GIRL ON A TRAIN - that books seems to divide people. Several other reviewers I know found it to be a lovely high concept but mediocre writing etc - more hype than substance. Haven't read it myself yet so can't speak on it, but I'm intrigued how it's divided people. Not sure if that is a 'success backlash' we sometimes see?


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