1 January 2016

What's with 137?

I have been keeping a reading record of all books read since 1975.
For the past three years, 2013, 2014, and 2015 the total has been 137.

The total for the last 41 years is 3713.

As I always do, I have kept a summary of the reading challenges I have participated in and the categories I have read.
There are a number that I have not completed this year, and I am yet to decide on my directions for 2016.

There are enough stats though to reveal the following about my reading profile:
  • I read about 12 books a month
  • About 20% are Australian authors, 
  • about 40 % British, 
  • roughly 50 % are e-books read on my Kindle
  • 4 in 10 are new-to-me authors, which means that just over half are authors I have read before
  • 20% are translated crime fiction, often Nordic
  • about 40% of the titles come from my local library.
  • about 20% are "vintage" crime fiction, although I generally don't rate them as highly as more recently published books.
 Here is the "negative" side
  • I am not good at reading from my TBR pile - every now and then I cull the pile and pick out books I am not likely to read, ever, and give them away to people in the various reading groups I belong to.
  • I read almost nothing other than crime fiction
  • I need to read more by New Zealand authors
  • Among the Challenges I haven't done much with this year are
    the Global Reading Challenge (65% complete),
    the USA Fiction Challenge - I've read 16 titles this year, just haven't ticked off many new states.
Last updated 30 December 2015

1 comment:

TracyK said...

I find it very interesting that you read 137 book three years in a row. (I wish I could read that many.) I am having problems adding new states to the 50 State challenge too.


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