3 July 2016

New to me authors: April to June 2016

I have read 71 books so far this year and 36 of them have been by new-to-me authors.
In this last quarter that makes 16 of them.
The quality varies but they were certainly all readable.
  1. 4.5, SIX FOUR, Hideo Yokoyama 
  2. 3.7, MYSTERY IN WHITE, J. Jefferson Farjeon 
  3. 4.6, A FEW OF THE GIRLS, Maeve Binchy 
  4. 4.5, PROHIBITED ZONE, Alastair Sarre 
  5. 4.5, A DARK AND TWISTED TIDE, Sharon Bolton 
  6. 4.2, DYING FOR A TASTE, Leslie Karst 
  7. 4.2, COMFORT ZONE, Lindsay Tanner 
  8. 4.2, THE BUNGALOW MURDER, Annie Haynes 
  9. 4.3, DADDY DEAREST, Paul Southern
  10. 3.9, FRONT PAGE NEWS, Katie Rowney 
  11. 4.7, THE TRAP, Melanie Raabe
  12. 4.8, AN ISOLATED INCIDENT, Emily Maguire 
  13. 4.1, TREACHERY IN BORDEAUX, Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen 
  14. 4.7, THE DRY, Jane Harper
  15. 4.2, THE ELEGANCE OF THE HEDGEHOG, Muriel Barbery  
  16. 4.5, THE OTHER SIDE OF NIGHT: The Carpathia, the Californian and the Night the Titanic Was Lost, Daniel Allen Butler
Suggestions for new authors come sometimes from the authors themselves, offering a review copy of their book, but also from friends, book groups, and reviews.

I should also point out that I also often continue to follow new offerings by new-to-me authors.

See who others have discovered this quarter.

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