1 January 2017

What I read in December 2016

Pick of the month December 2016
Another good reading month, making 118 books for the year.
I'll put up a "review" page later this week.

It was a close toss up for my pick of the month, but I have chosen the audio version of CONCLAVE,  by Robert Harris
  1. 4.2, A WOMAN MUCH MISSED, Valerio Varesi
  2. 4.5, SALT CREEK, Lucy Treloar
  3. 4.3, DEATH IN AUGUST, Marco Vichi 
  4. 3.5, THE CLIMATE CHANGE MURDERS, David Kilner
  5. 4.4, THE CATALYST KILLING, Hans Olav Lahlum 
  6. 4.8, THE BANK MANAGER, Roger Monk
  7. 5.0, CONCLAVE, Robert Harris 
  8. 4.2, CLOSED CASKET, Sophie Hannah 
  9. 4.9, BLOOD LINES, Angela Marsons 
See what others have chosen for their Pick of the Month.

This meme will continue in 2017.  

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