2 April 2017

What I read In March 2017

Pick of the month March 2017
A wide variety of reading this last month:
  1. 4.3, MISS CHRISTIE REGRETS, Guy Fraser-Sampson
  2. 4.5, DUMB WITNESS, Agatha Christie
  3. 4.4, RECIPES FOR LOVE AND MURDER, Sally Andrew
  4. 4.8, BLACK WATER LILIES, Michel Bussi 
  5. 4.6, LUSTRUM, Robert Harris - audio book 
  6. 4.2, SILVER WATTLE, Belinda Alexandra
  7. 4.5, PRECIOUS AND GRACE, Alexander McCall Smith 
  8. 4.1, LOST IN NEW YORK, J.J. Henderson
  9. 4.4, FRONT RUNNER, Felix Francis  
Without a doubt the one that made me work the hardest was BLACK WATER LILIES by Michel Bussi  and so that is also my pick of the month.

Giverny. During the day, tourists flock to the former home of the famous artist Claude Monet and the gardens where he painted his Water Lilies. But when silence returns, there is a darker side to the peaceful French village.

This is the story of thirteen days that begin with one murder and end with another. Jérôme Morval, a man whose passion for art was matched only by his passion for women, has been found dead in the stream that runs through the gardens. In his pocket is a postcard of Monet's Water Lilies with the words: Eleven years old. Happy Birthday.

Entangled in the mystery are three women: a young painting prodigy, the seductive village schoolteacher and an old widow who watches over the village from a mill by the stream. All three of them share a secret. But what do they know about the discovery of Jérôme Morval's corpse? And what is the connection to the mysterious, rumoured painting of Black Water Lilies?

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