1 January 2020

2019 Reading Challenges Goals - ACHIEVED

I was very excited yesterday when I completed reading my final book for 2019 and got to the goal of 120 books which I set myself last year.
The total compares pretty well with what I have managed in previous years
2018 - 123
2017 - 116
2016 - 118
So I expect to read about 10 books a month, but that includes audio books.

I haven't set my goals for 2020 yet, but here is what my reading for 2019 showed: ( you can find the full lists here)
  • 2019 Good Reads Reading Challenge. I completed my goal of 120 books for the year by the narrowest of margins. They weren't all crime fiction, there were some audio books too, but I'm happy that do manage quite a range.
  • Good Reads A-Z of titles: This was a challenge by Good Reads Australia to read 26 books, each title beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. I managed only 20 of the 26, with the letters E, J, V, X, Y, Z  not achieved
  • Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Completed in 2014, titles read in 2019: 2
    Since completing the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge in 2014, I have read very few of the titles again.
  • USA Fiction Challenge So far 21/51, this year: 15The intent of this challenge is to read one title in each state. While I read 15 books set in a USA state, very few of them were from a "new state". Just 12.5% of the books that I read in 2019 were USA
  • 2019 Aussie Author Reading Challenge: I aimed to read at least 20 novels by Australian authors, and read 28.  This means that nearly 25% of what I read was by an Australian author.
  • 2019 Australian Women Writers Challenge: with 14 of those Australian books only by an Aussie female author, I was disappointed not to reach my target of 20. aiming for 20.

  • British Books Challenge 2019. I read 69 books that I categorised as British. This is over 50% of my total reading and reflects one of my strong preferences.

  • 2018 Ebook Reading Challenge I was surprised by the fact that I read only 21 books on my Kindle. I'm sure I bought more than that as I have a great many un-read . Even so 1 in every 6 books that I read was an e-book.
  • New to me authors - a personal challenge where I read 44 titles, roughly 1 in every 3
    I publish the lists of these authors every 3 months.
  • Not crime fiction - a personal challenge to try to read more widely. App0roximately one title a month meant that I read 11
  • Nordic reading challenge - a personal challenge where I thought I would read more translated books of Nordic origin. I listed only 2 for the year. Once again a challenge where I have a number of unread titles,
  • New Zealand reading challenge -again a personal challenge where I try to read a specific group of books. I read only 2, so this is a challenge I will try to improve on in 2020
  • Translated crime fiction - a personal challenge that will overlap with many of the other reading challenges that I have undertaken. The fact that I have read so few Nordic titles is reflected in the fact that I have read only 3 titles in this category.
  • Snagged at the Library 79. Nearly 2 in 3 of my books have come through my local library, which provides a wonderful service, giving access to any book held in a  public library in South Australia.
    The system uses an online catalogue where you can search for and reserve books.
  • Audio books: 15 This works out to about one audio book a month, listened to on a regular  weekly journey. For the last 6 months we have been working out way through Colin Dexter's Morse novels and we still have a few to go.
  • 2019 Historical Reading Challenge.  19. I don't plan to read historical novels but I am partial to historical crime fiction.
In coming days I will reveal my "best of" lists.


Katy McCoy said...

Suggestions for missing letters (taken from my own alphabet challenge that I do every year):J.A. Jance (several wonderful series) or Craig Johnson (another great series); Hester Young, Heather Young, Dorian Yeager; James Ziskin, Chad Zunker, Faith Zanetti, Anna Zouroudi. Stephanie Evans, Christy Evans, Selma Eichler. Allen Eskens. X is quite problematic: I just use Qui Xiaolong although since his name is Chinese, the Q is for his first name. I've got plenty of Q's, and I love his series so I figure it's all good.

Let me know if you need suggestions for US states - I do that every year too.

132 books read this year, not counting non-fiction.

Kerrie said...

Thanks Katy


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