26 September 2012

Crime Fiction Alphabet 2012: S is for Shamini Flint and Inspector Singh

This year for the Crime Fiction Alphabet Community meme I've decided to highlight titles that I've read this year.

I met Inspector Singh last year when I read the first in the series INSPECTOR SINGH INVESTIGATES, A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder.
Inspector Singh is a Singaporean policeman, known really as a bumbler, and someone whom his bosses are glad to send to faraway places, without much expectation that he will be successful.
Piatkus Books, 2009, ISBN 978-0-7499-2975-6, 295 pages.

I was just a little underwhelmed by this first offering but decided I would tackle the second, INSPECTOR SINGH INVESTIGATES: A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul.
This one is of particular interest to Australian readers because it is set at the time of the Bali bombings, in which a number of Australian tourists were killed.
I thought the setting and the murder mystery were handled very well.

There are now 3 more books in the series that I am watching out for.
3. Singapore School of Villainy (2010)
4. A Deadly Cambodian Crime Spree (2011)
5. A Curious Indian Cadaver (2012)


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - An excellent choice for S. I really like the settings for these novels and Flint has solid writing talent.

Peter Reynard said...

I was just reading Tarquin Hall's Vish Puri series (for T or V, I can't quite decide :) ). Thanks for the review. I'll have to keep an eye out for Flint. I'm interested to see how similar or different their approaches are.

srivalli said...

I haven't read any mystery based in Singapore. It would be interesting to try it out. Thanks for sharing!


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