15 January 2008


This book is the first Gabrielle Lord that I read, although it is her 9th book.
Published in 2003, it was #2 in the Gemma Lincoln series.
With it she won the Davitt Award in 2003 for the best Australian crime novel by an Australian woman in the previous year.

Gemma Lincoln, is trying to discover who has been raping and murdering street girls from Kings Cross. Parallel cases follow the suspicious death of a high profile Sydney businessman and philanthropist, and an utterly ruthless drug dealer whose hobby is maintaining a small zoo of poisonous snakes. In addition to these enquiries, Gemma has to contend with sabotage from within her own small organisation and pangs of jealousy over boyfriend Steve, whose own undercover work involves getting up close and personal with an extremely beautiful society woman. How much is Steve acting a role and how much is he really involved with the woman? Always haunted by the insecurities of her past, Gemma struggles to pull her life together in increasingly sinister circumstances.

My rating 4.0

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