18 January 2008

Challenges are all the rage!

Reading challenges seem to be what people are doing in 2008. I'm not really tempted myself, feels a bit too much like a reading curriculum, but I admire the organisational skills of those who do.

  • Kari over at Another Book on the Stack is undertaking no less than 8 challenges and has so far identified 48 books and is even organised enough to cross one off so far.
  • I know Marg at Reading Adventures is into Challenges too. The ones that Marg is doing so far include the Chunkster Challenge, the Romance Reading, the PulitzerProject, the ManBooker, Pub08, and Sci- Fi experience, and I get the feeling she is still looking. Perhaps she'll tell me how many books that is.
  • Friend Sally has listed the challenges she is undertaking at her Reading Challenges blog. Looks like she is doing 15 or so challenges. Her list of the challenges she completed in 2007 is impressive
Here are some others you might think about - until I began searching I didn't expect to find so many!
So, are you into Challenges?Tell us about the ones doing this year.
If you are, why do you do it?
Are there any specifically for crime/mystery fiction readers or do you just make up your own list?
Or perhaps you can try to convince me that I should join one or two!


Marg said...

Interesting question! I'll try and answer it in the morning!

sally906 said...

I have got 52 books, mostly from my TBR pile nominated for my various challenges. I set up a separate blog to keep track, plus a word document. Some of those books cover more than one challenge too. There have been a few mystery challenges - none at the moment that I am aware of. There is a themed book challenge and some of us have crime as a theme, also a series one that people are reading a series by a murder/mystery author. Is easy enough to set one one up - words get a round in the blogging world when a new challenge starts :)

Marg said...

There is a series reading challenge that would work for mysteries. The details are here

Marg said...

And now my answer is up here.

Sorry it took a while!

Kerrie said...

Thanks for the link to the series challenge site Marg. Still not sure it would work for me. I do have lots of series "on the go" and there are authors whose new book I do await with great anticipation- I can feel a blog posting coming on...

Heather said...

There is a link on my Library Ladder site called A Novel Challenge and there are postings on reading challenges as they come up.


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