3 January 2008

New Year's Reflections

Many of the lists that I belong to are analysing the year that was. Some are collecting people's Tops and Bottoms and eventually will generate a collective "recommended reading" list. On others people are contemplating their achievements for the past year and making resolutions for the next.

My stats
I read 124 books last year - nearly all of them mystery
I have read 2649 books (that I've recorded titles for) in the past 33 years.
In 2007 I wrote 15 formal reviews and stored them at Reviewers Choice
In April 2007 I created my page at Library Thing and have added 165 records

I am currently reading THE HAUNTS OF VARIOUS MEN by Susan Hill.
Over on oz_mystery_readers we have begun discussing FRANTIC by Katherine Howell.

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Marg said...

Welcome to blogging, and thanks for linking to me! I will return the favour in the next couple of days!


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