10 January 2008

Writers Week - Adelaide

Adelaide Writers week occurs biennally as part of the Adelaide Festival of Arts. It basically an outside event held in city, in the Pioneer Women's Memorial Gardens, in 2 large outside tents and a book tent.

It is a wonderful event, mainly free. The only things that you need to pay for are 2 evenings, this year held in Adelaide Town Hall, usually with a panel of writers.

It is a wonderful week, and this year I am having the whole week off, 2-7 March, so will have plenty of chance to wallow in the discussions, readings and panels.

Among other writers there will be
Peter Carey/Aust
Thomas H Cook/USA
Ian McEwan/UK
Denise Mina/Scotland
Kirsty Gunn/Scotland
Gabrielle Lord
Geraldine Brooks
Marshall Browne
Peter Corris
Garry Disher
Dorothy Porter

See all the details at here


Marg said...

That is a very impressive line up! If it was any other time but March I would see if I could come back and go to a few events, but sadly it can't be this year!

Kerrie said...

We are really lucky Marg, even though the week only happens every 2 years. We gets lots of lovely authors, and particularly for the crime fiction/mystery genre. And it is always mostly free - gave me a shock when I first went Melbourne Writers Festival and found I had to pay for each session I attended. At Adelaide Writer's Week too it seems to be more the norm to have an individual writer chatting with a "host" for about 45 minutes, and they usually read from their latest book. We don't have nearly as many panel sessions as at MWF. I found at MWF that you really only often attended the session to hear one person, and had to put up with 2 or 3 others in whom you were not particularly interested.

Pristine said...

I just missed out on getting a ticket to the Writers' Week Evening Two to see Ian McEwan. Is there anywhere I can look to see if people have a spare ticket to sell? I live in Sydney but I really really want to see McEwan. Cheers!

Kerrie said...

Sorry. Can't help there. However he will be part of the normal day-time Writers week programme too so you will have the chance to hear him there. The printed one is available from newsagents tomorrow, so presumably there will an online copy soon on the Writers Week site

Kerrie said...

Adelaide Writers Week biographies and when to catch an author are on the website now.
See http://www.adelaidefestival.com.au/Show/Detail.aspx?p=5&id=93&c=9
Ian McEwan is at http://www.adelaidefestival.com.au/Show/Biography.aspx?p=60&bio=12
and will speaking Wednesday morning as well as the booked out session on Tuesday night.
Hopefully they will get the printable programme online soon


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