22 April 2011

Coincidence of two Celebrations

Here in the land of Oz we have embarked on an unprecedented 5 days off work. (Unprecedented that is unless you count what we do between Christmas Eve and January 2!)

The occasion this time is Easter from today Good Friday (22 April) to Easter Monday (25 April). But because Easter Monday has fallen on Anzac Day, which always happens on the anniversary of the Gallipoli landing on 25 April 1915, we have an extra public holiday on Tuesday April 26.

I was particularly struck by the confusing cultural messages for overseas visitors when I was at a morning tea for international students on Wednesday. It was intended to provide explanations of what the 5 days "off" were for.
Someone talked about the meaning of Easter, because among the gathering were Muslim and Hindu students, and then another person talked about Anzac Day. Yet another talked about Easter signifying the end of Lent.

On the table for the morning tea were hot cross buns, and the organiser of the event wore rabbit's ears and held a basket of Easter eggs. The only thing that was missing were some Anzac biscuits.
We capped everything off with a hunt for small chocolate Easter eggs. Three people found 3 eggs each and so we had a play-off where an extra egg was hidden in public view and these three had to find it.
The prize was a large fluffy toy rabbit.

And then the Indian lad I was standing next to asked me "why an egg-laying rabbit?"
The thought of explaining fertility symbols (for Spring) when we are actually in Autumn almost tipped me over the edge with hysterical laughter.

Talk about mixed messages! What did they learn about Australian culture? That we are all mad?


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Oh, that is definitely sending mixed strange messages about Australia and Australian culture. I wonder, too, what they thought...

Vicki said...

"What did they learn about Australian culture? That we are all mad?

LOL Yep! :

Happy Easter AND happy Anzac Day...

Maria said...



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