27 September 2011

Crime Fiction on a Euro Pass: Czech Republic: books to look for

Crime Fiction on a Euro Pass has certainly thrown up some challenging countries and this week's country the Czech Republic is almost the hardest.

I like the way the map is growing, but I think I'll be glad to get on to more familiar territory in Italy next week.

Let me introduce you to Vlastimil Vondruska whom I discovered in my search to get better acquainted with Czech crime fiction.

On his website Vlaistimil tells us "Since 1994, I have published 35 historical novels, some of which have proved to be Czech bestsellers, including 14 (historical crime-fiction) novels about the Royal Procurator, Oldrich of Chlum. Around 400 000 copies of my books have been sold in the Czech Republic."

Unfortunately my usual sources don't seem to have any of Vlaistimil's titles. Those who live in other places may have more luck.

Books set in the Czech Republic

Have you read John Connolly's BLACK ANGEL (I gave it a rating of 4.7)
The rebel angels fell, garlanded with fire…. Charlie Parker has got his life back together, and is settled with a new girlfriend and a new daughter, Sam. But in New York City Martha is looking for her daughter Alice and when she doesn't find her, she calls in a favour from Louis, Charlie Parker's right hand man. Martha turns up at Sam's christening party. As he investigates, Charlie realises that Alice's disappearance goes further than the streets of New York, and is linked to events as old as time itself. In fact to the fall of the angels.. Read the prologue here 
This book would appeal to those of you who like a bit of woo-woo with your mystery/thriller

The reason that the book made such an impression on me, and I think the reason I read it, was that Bob and I were going to Europe for a holiday and were visiting Prague where much of the novel is set. In fact we went on a tour of the old silver mining town of Kutna Hora with its ossiary (see picture), which made BLACK ANGEL seem just that much more "real". John Connolly's site has more details about the area and its legends.

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Maxine Clarke said...

Thanks, Kerrie, I would love to read some Czech crime fiction, you are right that it seems hard to track down. I think I'll pass on this one, though, as J C's Dark Angel was a DNF for me - I'd quite liked his previous books but parted company with him on this one & have not read more.

Maxine Clarke said...

PS Sorry, I thought when I first read your post that you were saying the two authors are similar, but now I realise you probably aren't. Apols for the misunderstanding.


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