15 September 2011

Happy Birthday Agatha Christie, September 15

Today we celebrate Agatha Christie's 121st birthday.

I thought I'd point you to the "official" Christie site and talk a little about why you should visit there.

The "new", more interactive, site was launched earlier this year and really is an excellent place to go to browse titles, look for events, join communities, and even to play online games and crosswords.

The fun begins with the site header. Hover your mouse across the header and you get to choose which TV actor you see for Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot.

There are other games on the site too: Book Club and discussions, games such as Quizzes, Crosswords and Word Searches, and an interactive map where you can see the locations mentioned in individual stories.

If you are looking for recommendations of what to read, here is Christie's own list of "favourites":

Here is a list of books in order of publication, and here a recommended reading order.

Many crime fiction addicts like myself can lay the blame for our start in reading murder mysteries squarely at the door of Agatha Christie.

So join me in raising a glass to the Dame on the 121st anniversary of her birth!

If you'd like to see how others are observing the day (and to add your blog post link to the Mr Linky there) visit the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge blog today.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to be there, there is plenty going on this week on the English Riviera.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Very nice tribute! I like it :-)

Elizabeth Frengel said...

Miss Lemon, too, picked up her mystery habit at the door of Agatha Christie. It could be worse!

Nan said...

I love that site. I've copied the reading lists and put them in my drafts. I check off the ones I've read, and keep track of all the ones I haven't read yet. Although it isn't hugely important to read the books in order, I am trying to do so when possible. It's fun reading mention of a case I've read about in a previous book.

Yvette said...

Great tribute, Kerrie. I posted my own just now. Ah, Dame Agatha, where would I be without her books? I wonder if she knew just how many people appreciated her work and how many people she made happy just by the reading of them.

Maria said...

Have you read any Dorothy Gilman? Whenever I see your Agatha Christie posts, now that I've started reading Gilman, it reminds me of Gilman!

If you haven't, give some of her stuff look. It's quite good.

(Yes, I felt you might be running out of books...)

Maria :>)


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