4 September 2011

Historical Challenge Completed

Yesterday I completed the Historical Fiction Challenge hosted by Historical Tapestry.

I actually still have some historical crime fiction sitting in my TBR and will probably read more this year.

You'll see from my list below that my reading, all crime fiction titles has taken me to a great range of places and periods.

Historical Fiction Challenge

Struggling the Addiction: 10 books
my extra rule: all need to be crime fiction
  1. 4.4, DEATH OF A RED HEROINE, Qiu Xiaolong (China 1949-1990)
  2. 4.8, THE DIGGERS REST HOTEL, Geoffrey McGeachin (Australia)
  3. 4.7, HEARTSTONE, C.J. Sansom (Tudor England, 1545)
  4. 4.4, EYE OF THE RED TSAR, Sam Eastland (Russia 1917, 1929)
  5. 4.6, RELICS OF THE DEAD, Ariana Franklin (Glastonbury 1196)
  6. 4.3, THE SERPENT AND THE SCORPION, Clare Langley-Hawthorne  (London 1912)
  7. 4.6, SARAH'S KEY, Tatiana de Rosnay (Paris 1942)
  8. 4.5, RAILWAY TO THE GRAVE, Edward Marston
    (Britain 1850s) 
  9. 4.4, THE PERICLES COMMISSION, Gary Corby (Ancient Athens) 
  10. 4.3, DIED IN THE WOOL, Ngaio Marsh ( New Zealand 1942) 


bermudaonion said...

Way to go!

Bernadette said...

You reminded me that I was supposed to be doing this challenge too...I had completely forgotten! Just had a look at my records though and have read 13 historical books so far this year, though a couple were counted for other challenges. I think I've decided not to bother with challenges anymore and will just read what I want...I seem to be getting a nice mix of styles/genres naturally :)

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I'm most impressed! Well done you :-). I really don't know how you do so many challenges, so very well...


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