12 September 2011

Review: TO THE HILT, Dick Francis - Audio

 Publisher's blurb:
Alexander Kinloch, artist, has worked out a good pattern for his life. His home is a small bothy on a remote mountain in Scotland; he paints on commission, from which he derives both pleasure and a decent income; he lives alone and likes it.
One day, however, Alexander's peace is violently shattered when he returns home to find a group of strangers waiting for him. After a scuffle, he is left for dead with only the wind and the words "Where is it?" ringing in his ears. And the days that follow contain more danger than he could ever have imagined. 

My take:

TO THE HILT is one of Dick Francis' many stand alone novels. I think I have read most of them over the years but don't remember this one.

Francis (1920 - 2010) was a master story teller and there always seems to be something to keep the reader/listener interested in TO THE HILT. The story feels credible and there are a number of well drawn characters. In particular I liked the main character Alexander Kinloch, his uncle the Laird known as "himself", and the private detective Al employs, who is a dab hand at changing his persona.

Alexander Kinloch has always been good at hiding things. He has already hidden the golden hilt, but even he has to wonder when his step father asks him to hide a horse.  

In addition in the audio version, Tony Britton does an excellent job of a variety of voices.
A most enjoyable novel.

My rating: 4.5

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