5 November 2011

TBRN - best laid plans

Earlier this week I wrote about Challenges needing some attention.

Challenges needing a bit more attention
  • Agatha Christie Reading Challenge - one book to go for this year's target
  • Outdo Yourself - 6 books to go
  • Ireland Reading Challenge - 3 books 
  • Vintage Mystery - 2 books
  • Canadian Book Challenge 2011-2012 - I've slipped behind schedule a bit - 3 more books for this year.
  • New Zealand  - 2 books
  • British Books - 1 book to my crown. 
So here are my plans
  • Agatha Christie Reading Challenge - 1 book to go for the year
  • Outdo Yourself - 6 books to go
    This one will take care of itself
  • Ireland Reading Challenge - 3 books
    I have some books on my Kindle
    THE LIKENESS by Tana French
    THE BURNING by Jane Casey
    PLUGGED - Eoin Colfer
  • Vintage Mystery - 2 books
    More Kindle books
    BEFORE MIDNIGHT by Rex Stout
    THE POISONED CHOCOLATES by Anthony Berkeley
  • Canadian Book Challenge 2011-2012 - 3 more books for this year.
    INNOCENT GRAVES, Peter Robinson
    A BREWSKI FOR THE OLD MAN, Phyllis Smallman
    THE WEED THAT HANGS THE STRING by Alan Bradley - already on my Kindle
  • New Zealand  - 2 books
    BLOOD MEN, Paul Cleave
    BOLD BLOOD, Lindy Kelly
  • British Books - 1 book to my crown
    A LONELY DEATH, Charles Todd.
So that is 12 books and I think it easily do-able  so I can probably fit some of the library books in as well as completing these.
  • next on Kindle - THE BLACKHOUSE, Peter May
  • next Australian - WATCH THE WORLD BURN, Leah Giarratano
  • next on audio - GIDEON'S DAY, J J Marric (John Creasey)
  • also on audio - THE FOUR LAST THINGS, Andrew Taylor


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I'm always completely amazed by all that you accomplish in your challenges. Seriously - I have no idea how you manage it.

Sarah said...

Do you have any challenges planned for 2012 Kerrie? I would have loved to have joined in on your Agatha Christie one but I have read her books over and over again. So it would be more 'indulgence' than 'challenge'. But intend to do a stretching challenge for 2012 but not sure what it is yet.

Kerrie said...

I'm thinking I should undertake a challenge that takes me way out of my current reading zone Sarah, not just pushes me to read more of a particular category. The challenges do add more interest to my reading though, and the point of the Agatha Christie one for me is to read her books in order of publication, not the way I have read them over the last 50 years, which has been as they have come to hand.

Kerrie said...

Try neglecting the housework Margot :-)


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