2 November 2011

My reads in October 2011 & Challenge summary

I've had a nice solid month of reading in October, as you can tell from the ratings I gave:
  1. 4.3, 13 RUE THERESE, Elena Mauli Shapiro (30 October)- Kindle
  2. 4.4, CAUGHT, Harlan Coben (29 October)- audio
  3. 4.7, THE DEAD HAND OF HISTORY, Sally Spencer (26 October)
  4. 4.2, AN ASSISTANT MURDERER, Dashiell Hammett  (22 October) - Kindle
  5. 4.2, IN DESPERATION, Rick Mofina (22 October)- Kindle
  6. 4.3, RING OF FIRE, Peter Klein (20 October)- Australian author
  7. 4.4, DEAD MAN'S WHARF, Pauline Rowson (17 October)- Kindle
  8. 5.0, STAGESTRUCK, Peter Lovesey (13 October)
  9. 4.2, SO COLD THE RIVER, Michael Koryta (10 October)
  10. 4.6, FIVE LITTLE PIGS, Agatha Christie (7 October)- Kindle
  11. 4.6, OUTRAGE, Arnaldur Indridason (4 October)- Kindle
  12. 4.5, THE FIRE ENGINE THAT DISAPPEARED, Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo (3 October)- Kindle
  13. 4.4, BEGGARS BANQUET, Ian Rankin  (2 October) - audio
  14. 4.4, THE BODY IN THE LIBRARY, Agatha Christie (1 October)  
Just over half, 8 titles, were read on my Kindle.

My pick of the month just had to be  STAGESTRUCK by Peter Lovesey which I rated at a 5.0.
It is a Peter Diamond mystery that will particularly appeal to those who have attended performances in Bath's Theatre Royal, exploring back stage workings, and theatre hoodoos such as the grey ghost and dead butterflies. But wound through it all is a cleverly and tightly written plot, two deaths, and a range of believable characters. And throughout, Peter Diamond is trying to discover what event in his past gave him an aversion to theatres. 

Challenges: see a detailed overview at Reading Challenges Update

I made some progress on various reading challenges during October too.
I have now equalled the total number of books I read in 2010 and am just 6 from my target for 2011 of 142 books.
I'm making good progress on the e-book reading challenge - up to 58 e-books now but a long way off 100, so regretfully I won't complete that one.
I'm one book off claiming a "crown" with 50 books in the British Books Challenge.

Completed Challenges for 2011
  • Historical Fiction Challenge
  • Nordic Challenge
  • Aussie Author Challenge
  • Cruizin' thru Cozies
  • 2011 Global Reading Challenge
Challenges needing a bit more attention
  • Agatha Christie Reading Challenge - one book to go for this year's target
  • Outdo Yourself - 6 books to go
  • Ireland Reading Challenge - 3 books 
  • Vintage Mystery - 2 books
  • Canadian Book Challenge 2011-2012 - I've slipped behind schedule a bit - 3 more books for this year.
  • New Zealand  - 2 books
  • British Books - 1 book to my crown.


kathy d. said...

Unstoppable! That says it about your amazing reading. Glad that you read some good books last month.

I'm reading Denise Mina's The End of the Wasp Season. Although I could live without some of the scenes with the culprits, I once again think that Mina is brilliant in plotting, dialogue, and so far agree with your assessment of the book.

This reminds me to obtain some books which I put on the back burner, and also to finish my global challenge with one book.

Dorte H said...

Fourteen? Well, we begin to see the consequences of you not working.

I only got through seven books in October, but I think November will be better.


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