13 November 2011

British Books Challenge: I'm claiming my crown

When I got to Book 50 on my British books list I thought I was ready to claim my crown, but then I re-read the terms of the challenge again on The Bookette and it definitely says 50 books by British writers.

That meant the book that I had most recently read, A LONELY DEATH by Charles Todd didn't count, because, as you know, the author is an American mother and son, and neither did another one of those listed for the same reason WHERE MEMORIES LIE, Deborah Crombie

 Although I could argue that both are nearly as representative of British crime fiction as they come.
So I had to complete two more British books. Thank goodness I had two on hand.

So here is my list of 52 including the two that don't count **.
  1. 4.6, RELICS OF THE DEAD, Ariana Franklin
  2. 4.5, A NEW LEASE OF DEATH, Ruth Rendell
  3. 4.6, THE JANUS STONE, Elly Griffiths 
  4. 4.0, LATE, LATE IN THE EVENING, Gladys Mitchell
  5. 4.3, MURDER IN PARADISE, Ann Cleeves 
  6. 4.7, WHERE MEMORIES LIE, Deborah Crombie   **
  8. 4.4, FATAL QUEST: WOODEND'S FIRST CASE, Sally Spencer
  9. 4.5, OUR LADY OF PAIN, Elena Forbes
  10. 4.5, DUMB WITNESS, Agatha Christie
  11. 4.4, A COTSWOLD KILLING, Rebecca Tope 
  12. 4.5, RAILWAY TO THE GRAVE, Edward Marston
  13. 4.7, A LONELY DEATH, Charles Todd   **
  14. 4.3, THE DARK LADY, Sally Spencer
  15. 4.7, THE DEAD HAND OF HISTORY, Sally Spencer
  16. 4.4, DEAD MAN'S WHARF, Pauline Rowson
  17. 5.0, STAGESTRUCK, Peter Lovesey
  18. 4.6, FIVE LITTLE PIGS, Agatha Christie
  19. 4.4, BEGGARS BANQUET, Ian Rankin
  20. 4.4, THE BODY IN THE LIBRARY, Agatha Christie
  21. 4.3, NEMESIS, Lindsey Davis
  22. 5.0, THE END OF THE WASP SEASON, Denise Mina 
  23. 4.5, TO THE HILT, Dick Francis
  24. 4.5, THE SATURDAY BIG TENT WEDDING PARTY, Alexander McCall Smith
  25. 4.8, DEAD LIKE YOU, Peter James
  26. 5.0, BLUE LIGHTNING, Ann Cleeves
  27. 4.5, STILL MIDNIGHT, Denise Mina
  28. 4.6, BRUNO, CHIEF OF POLICE, Martin Walker 
  29. 4.3, THE GOLDEN MILE TO MURDER, Sally Spencer
  30. 4.3, BLUE MONDAY, Nicci French
  31. 4.3, EVIL UNDER THE SUN, Agatha Christie
  32. 4.4, DELIVER US FROM EVIL, Peter Turnbull
  33. 4.5, THE MESSENGER OF ATHENS, Anne Zouroudi
  34. 4.5, THE FAMILY, Martina Cole
  35. 4.6, THE DARK VINEYARD, Martin Walker
  36. 3.5, STIFF UPPER LIP, JEEVES, P.G. Wodehouse
  37. 4.3, ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE, Agatha Christie 
  38. 4.3, A GRAVE IN THE COTSWOLDS, Rebecca Tope
  39. 4.7, HEARTSTONE, C.J. Sansom
  40. 5.0, DEAD TOMORROW, Peter James
  41. 4.4, THE SALTON KILLINGS, Sally Spencer
  42. 4.6, TEN-SECOND STAIRCASE, Christopher Fowler
  43. 4.8, SILENT VOICES, Ann Cleeves
  44. 4.8, THE HANGING WOOD, Martin Edwards 
  45. 4.6, SAD CYPRESS, Agatha Christie
  46. 4.4, THE JUDGEMENT OF STRANGERS, Andrew Taylor
  47. 4.3, DEVIL-DEVIL, Graeme Kent
  48. 5.0, A THOUSAND CUTS, Simon Lelic
  49. 4.1, DEATH AT THE PRESIDENT'S LODGING, Michael Innes
  50. 4.5, TEN LITTLE NIGGERS, Agatha Christie
  51. 4.5, THE FOUR LAST THINGS, Andrew Taylor
  52. 4.4, THE MOVING FINGER, Agatha Christie


Anonymous said...

Well done, Kerrie! I am in awe...

Bernadette said...

Impressive Kerrie, I did not sign up for this challenge but would have had no hope of achieing this level...have not read close to this number of British books this year

Kerrie said...

I hadn't realised I read so much British crime fiction!

Dorte H said...

Haha, these territories :)

I have also tagged "The Cosy Knave" British mystery, because it is NOT a Scandinavian mystery, but of course it may cause problems in a challenge.

Well, there are plenty of genuine British mysteries out there, more than enough for all of us.


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