2 October 2014

What I read in September 2014

This month has been a bit of a slower reading month although I did reach the 100 titles for 2014 milestone.
Some good Australian authors for you to check out.
Crime Fiction Pick of the Month 2014
  1. 3.9, THE WALLS OF JERICHO, Jack Bunyan - British police procedural
  2. 4.6, THE MURDER BAG, Tony Parsons - British police procedural, audio book 
  3. 4.5, QUICK, Steve Worland - Australian author, kindle, NetGalley 
  4. 4.5, THE SILKWORM, Robert Galbraith - British (pseudonym of J.K. Rowling)
  5. 4.7, ALREADY DEAD, Jaye Ford - Australian author, Kindle, NetGalley 
  6. 4.5, CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET?, Caroline Overington - Australian author, Kindle, Net Galley  
  7. 4.3, ELEPHANTS CAN REMEMBER, Agatha Christie
  8. 3.8, POSTERN OF FATE, Agatha Christie
  9. 4.5, THE CRITIC, Peter May
  10. 4.6, CURTAIN: POIROT'S LAST CASE, Agatha Christie
My Pick of the month is Jaye Ford's  ALREADY DEAD, although there were some others to consider too.

See what others have listed as their pick of the month.

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