2 October 2015

New to Me authors, July to September 2015

I've continued to read new authors in this quarter.

Some of them I should have read long ago, while others are newly published. As far as I was concerned, only one was a dud.
Many of them I would like to read more of.

The 14 listed below bring my count for the year to 45, which is just under half of the number of books I have read so far this year.
There are four Australian authors in the list. **
  1. 4.5, BLOOD REDEMPTION, Alex Palmer - Aussie author **
  2. 4.6, THE SINS OF THE FATHERS, Lawrence Block - first in the Matt Scudder series 
  3. 4.6, THE ICE TWINS, S.K. Tremayne
  4. 4.4, WYCLIFFE AND THE DUNES MYSTERY,  W.J. Burley - from Mt TBR 
  5. 4.7, SILENT SCREAM, Angela Marsons - British author 
  6. 5.0, THE GHOSTS OF ALTONA, Craig Russell - winner of Scottish crime fiction prize 
  7. 4.2, AUNT BESSIE BELIEVES, Diana Xarissa - cozy set on Isle of Man
  8. 4.7, A SIEGE OF BITTERNS, Steve Burrows
  9. 1.5, THE NAME OF THE ROSE, Umberto Eco 
  10. 4.5, SUMMERTIME, ALL THE CATS ARE BORED, Philippe Georget
  11. 4.3, THIS HOUSE OF GRIEF, Helen Garner - not crime fiction - Australian **
  12. 4.8, THE BANK INSPECTOR, Roger Monk - Aussie author, set in Adelaide **
  13. 4.0, A TRIFLE DEAD, Livia Day - female Aussie author, set in Hobart **
  14. 5.0, THE SILENCE OF THE SEA, Yrsa Sigurðardóttir - translated, winner of Petrona Award 2015 


Terra said...

These authors are new to me, except for Eco. I read lots of mystery series including Donna Leon, Ian Rankin, Laurie King, Andrea Camelleri and so many more. Nice list in this post.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Kerri. Here is my post on the topic.

Cleopatra Loves Books said...

What a fantastic idea for a post - I have This House of Grief sat on my shelf and it is probably the one I'm itching to read the most - good to see you rated it too.


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