8 October 2015

Travelling - posts may be intermittent

This time last year we were in Indianapolis for the birth of our third grandson.
In the intervening time the family has moved to Tampa in Florida and the little one has had his first birthday.

So we are off today on the long haul - Adelaide, Sydney, Dallas/Fort Worth, Tampa and then after 5 weeks the return journey. We have scheduled overnight stops in Dallas/Fort Worth.

We are looking forward to meeting up again and exploring new territory.
See the little boys here.

So book reading and blog posts may take a back seat, but the books will be very welcome on the long flights.


Nan said...

Boy, those kiddos are SO cute!!

TracyK said...

What lovely families, Kerrie. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Lovely 'photos of a wonderful family, Kerrie! Have a great trip and safe travels!


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