30 December 2017

Review: THE BLACK PILL, Gino Cox

My Take:

Every now and then I read a book that really isn’t my cup of tea. 
This one has been sitting in my e-book TBR for a while now.

THE BLACK PILL is about organ harvesting, the high demand in particular for kidneys, and the role of drug runners and corrupt autocracies like Haiti in providing organs for those with the money by harvesting organs from poor or kidnapped people. Even organ transplant specialists get drawn into the web.

This thriller simply failed to create suspense for me. I don’t think the novel’s structure - over 65 chapters in 200 pages - helped, nor did a multiplicity of characters, and a plethora of plot lines. Each of the chapters is given the name of one of the main characters, and there are over a dozen of them.

My Rating: 3.0

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