26 December 2017


My Take:

This book consists of 7 Crampton of the Chronicle mystery stories, cozies set in Brighton in the 1960s.

The Mystery of the African Charity
The Mystery of the Two Suitcases
The Mystery of the Single Red Sock
The Mystery of the Beauregard Hotel
The Mystery of the Precious Princess
The Mystery of the Clothes on the Beach
The Mystery of the Phantom Santa

If you are looking for a quick but satisfying read, this may suit.
The longest story is the first one which dates from Colin Crampton’s early days at the Chronicle. A friend of his landlady becomes worried when a nephew she rarely sees requests her to donate her dead husband’s clothes to charity and follows up by asking if he can store clothes in her spare room.

Each of the stories gives Crampton a scoop for the newspaper.

All very readable.

My Rating: 4.4

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