27 December 2017

Review: THE INVISIBLE MAN FROM SALEM, Christoffer Carlsson

My Take:

A Leo Junker police procedural set in Stockholm, the first in a series.

“In the final days of summer, a young woman is shot dead in her apartment. Three floors above, the blue lights of the police cars awaken disgraced ex-officer Leo Junker. Though suspended from the force, he can’t stay away for long. Bluffing his way onto the crime scene, he examines the dead woman and sees that she is clasping a cheap necklace- a necklace that he instantly recognises.”

We learn early the reason why Leo has been suspended, but he feels he has been set up, and can’t stay away from the murder investigation, particularly because it has taken place in his apartment block, in Salem where he has spent most of his life.

Growing up in Salem wasn’t easy but neither has Leo’s role in Internal Affairs in the police force and now someone is trying to pin a murder on him, one that he definitely didn’t commit. The answer lies in Leo’s past, in a very damaged person who was once his friend, whose sister was once his girl friend.

This is very noir Nordic crime fiction. It depicts a society where drug abuse and domestic violence are rife - no amount of policing will fix it. The remedy must come from within.  I found this novel nearly as depressing as the YA one by the same author that I read recently.

My Rating: 4.4

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