13 November 2010

All's Well: He's Here! Adelaide Christmas Pageant 2010

It's a regular event on my calendar, the Adelaide Christmas pageant.
The arrival of Father Christmas marks the beginning of the "silly season" and, for Enfield Brass Band,  a round of weekend pageants stretching from now until a few days before Christmas.

Today the prelude to the pageant was an attempt to enter Adelaide into the Guinness Book of Records with over 15 minutes of continuous simultaneous carol singing. We needed to have at least 7,600 people singing together and were supplied with carol sheets. There seemed to be a lot of people there, and of course we were spread throughout the 4km route.

Here is a some footage from 2009:


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Nice 'photos! If I remember correctly, didn't the pageant fall during a heat wave last year? Or am I wrong? Looks more comfortable this year.

Heartbeatoz said...

When my Son was small the Pageant meant that the Christmas Tree went up heralding the Christmas Season for us, even now he's gone I still put up the Tree and it brings him closer to me in Spirit. I will look out for you as I watch the Pageant on Channel 9 in a minute :)

Christmas Cheer from Jacki

Marg said...

The pageant definitely holds a fond place in the memories of anyone who has spent any time in Adelaide.


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