24 November 2010

Poll reflects steady growth in e-reading.

Polls conducted on MYSTERIES in PARADISE this year have reflected a steady rise in the adoption of e-readers.

Here is a graph that shows the results of polls on MiP this year.

January 2010

September 2010

November 2010


Uriah Robinson said...

My wife has kindly bought me a Kindle for Hannukah. Her ulterior motive is that in our tiny house we can't move for books. I will definitely be expected to buy any future book purchases in Kindle format.
Whether I will be able to operate this gadget is another matter. One advantage is that I will be able to adjust the font size to something I can see.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I keep going back and forth about an E-Reader. There are so many things to recommend them, and I shall probably end up saving up the money and getting one, but as yet, I haven't got one. I'm sure that will change...

Dorte H said...

I knew that as I have bought one, they are not exactly a novelty any more.

But I am glad I did; especially because of the review books I can get.

kathy d. said...

No. As I always say, I am a Luddite and like paper books. Between the library, Book Depository, Amazon and Partners and Crime bookstore, I'm fine. And borrowing from friends.

And now several friends are borrowing books from me, which is becoming impossible to keep track of, but is a good thing. To be able to provide such enjoyment to friends is satisfying.

However, people's individual likes and dislikes in books are not always easy to fathom, but once figured out, it's worth it.

Maria said...

Excellent poll and great comparison over time!



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