14 November 2010

Weekly Geeks 2010-37: Where Did That Extra Hour Go?

This week's Weekly Geeks task really asks us how we find time to do our reading.

Here down under we took on daylight savings on the first Sunday in October, so we are getting used to the longer days. They will continue until the first Sunday in April.

I am one of those people who just has to read. The day doesn't feel complete, and never has, if I don't read before going to sleep. I listen to books in the car, read a book on the bus, and love travelling in a plane just because it gives me extra reading time. I even try to snatch some time at lunch time too.
I try to read as the family watches TV too, but that doesn't always work.

In truth I probably spend far too much time reading.


Marg said...

I am told that I spend far too much time reading. I don't think it could possibly be true.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - We just switched to Daylight Savings time here, which was great! An extra hour a day to read :-). I'm with you, too; I couldn't imagine not reading before I go to sleep. I fit in reading time whenever I can, which is why I love it when I find books that are available onnline, as some are. I haven't an E-reader, so I can't carry books with me, so to speak. But at least online books allow me wherever I am.

kathy d. said...

You do read a lot. I am amazed at how much reading you do, as do others with mystery blogs.

Try as I might, I can't read so much, especially if I have a lot of tasks at hand.

But I always read before i go to sleep; there must be fiction, particularly of the mystery variety, but not too fast-paced or gory at that hour or I'd be up until I had to start moving.

I had to do something today, which I enjoyed, but thoughts of being home reading were constantly tugging at me...as if I can't be a day without reading.

Bernadette said...

Any extra time in my day is likely to go to reading as my first preference. I listen to audio books while walking and doing other things that occupy my hands (like housework and driving if I am alone) and I always spend a little time reading at night too. I'm not much of a TV watcher so once the household chores are done of a night I'm more likely to read than anything else. I have been otherwise occupied for the past week or so with a family emergency and so have had hardly any time for reading and have found that hard going.

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Reading is a must for me too. I even used to read whilst waiting for the lift at work.

Deb said...

My sister reminds me of a time at a family get-together where the conversation involved something that needed to be done around the house and my husband commented that I could do that in my spare time, to which (according to my sister) I responded, "Oh, I don't have spare time. Everything I do, I do so that I have more time to read."

I don't have a crystal-clear recollection of that exchange, but it sounds like something I would say.

SariJ said...

I never feel I am reading to much. No, that is not true. When I was a teen my parents took the family to Hawaii. I was reading a really good book at the time. I spent more time with my nose in the book than I did looking at the Hawaiian scenery. Still, I do not regret it, as the book was that good!

kathy d. said...

I remember high school days. I would walk down the street, reading at the same time (way before audio books existed), I was late to school because I stayed up late reading.

My parents would try to get me to go out on nice days, but my nose would be buried in a book.

Now I wish I had more time to read.

Some days I think I can't wait to get home to read or finish what I have to do and read, even get through a dvd I'm watching so I can read.

But I can't read as many books as I could years ago when I brought back armfuls of books to the library each week and got another armful.

Erotic Horizon said...

"Why is your head always stuck in a book"..

I have lived with that phrase all my life...

I make the time anytime and any place to read..



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