27 November 2010

Travelling Again

Tomorrow we are off to Hobart, Tasmania for 3 days so I can attend a teacher librarian conference on Monday and Tuesday and present a session on e-books.

Books going with me:
  • My Kindle so I can finish reading CARDS ON THE TABLE by Agatha Christie. Of course I could also tackle some of the other 80+ unread books I already have stored on it.
  • Also a p-book: BEAT NOT THE BONES by Charlotte Jay so that I can finish the 2010 Global Reading Challenge.
  • I'm also going to put UNHALLOWED GRAVE by Kate Ellis  in - it is a library book due back this week.
  • And I think I'll put my iPod in (and some headphones) so I can finish THE FORGOTTEN MAN by Robert Crais which I'm half way through.
  • Perhaps I'll also be able to get around to something for the Canadian Reading Challenge - I've got some on my Kindle.
2011 Global Reading Challenge
Dorte has been fleshing out the bones of the 2011 Global Reading Challenge - I'm sure it will be popular. I have found that this year it has encouraged me to read outside my usual fare.
    Although I'm anticipating quite a bit of reading time (flights, and airport waits), I may not get much blogging done in the coming few days. That's why this Sunday Salon post is running early.

    Posts in the last week:
    How are you going with achieving your target for reading this year?
    I'm now aiming at 125 titles, and I think I will get there - I'm sitting on 118.
    How about you?


    bermudaonion said...

    Have a great trip!

    Janet Rudolph said...

    Have a great time. My Vet moved to Tasmania right after 911. Set up a practice there. I read a wonderful mystery by a Tasmanian writer a few years ago.. title escapes me. Will try to remember

    Anonymous said...

    Kerrie - Have a very safe trip! You've got some good reading along with you :-).

    Maria said...

    Have a safe trip. Hobart...wasn't that in the Harry Potter stories...no, no, can't be.


    Happy travels.


    Dorte H said...

    I wonder if you´ll notice you are in Hobart ;D

    Thank you for advertising the Global Reading Challenge. I will write a post about it in a day or two when I think I have finished polishing off the rules. (They seem to matter to some of the participants; to be honest what matters to me is that people pick books from new places).

    Marg said...

    Have a great trip! I just went away for the weekend with my ereader for the first time. I still took two books, but I read 3 on the e-reader so I love it even more.

    Target wise, I was aiming for 150, and I have 143 at the moment so I am thinking I am going to make it.

    Kerrie said...

    Janet you might be thinking of DINING WITH DEVILS by Gordon Aalborg

    Yvette said...

    Have a great trip. Tasmania. Wow. It sounds SO exotic thinking on it from here in New Jersey. I found a gorgeous vintage travel poster online recently - Travel to Tasmania. I'm holding off posting some vintage posters I found until the new year. They are simply great for dreaming. And here you are, Kerrie, actually off to Tasmania. :)


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