2 October 2012

What I read in September 2012

I had a better reading month in terms of numbers of books read and most were satisfying reads.

There were 4 audio books, 4 translated titles, 2 read on the Kindle, and 5 borrowed from my local library.
There were no Australian authors unfortunately.

My pick of the month was the latest in Ann Cleeves' Vera Stanhope series, THE GLASS ROOM.
  1. 4.2, ROUNDING THE MARK, Andrea Camilleri  - library book, audio book, translated
  2. 4.3, BLACK OUT, John Lawton - library book
  3. 4.2, THEY DO IT WITH MIRRORS, Agatha Christie 
  4. 5.0, THE GLASS ROOM, Ann Cleeves - library book
  5. 4.5, LONG TIME COMING, Robert Goddard  - audio book
  6. 4.1, THE OTHER CHILD, Charlotte Link - translated
  7. 3.7, CLASSIC DETECTIVE STORIES, read by Edward Hardwicke -  audio book 
  8. 4.2, DRY BONES, Margaret Mayhew   - library book
  9. 4.6, TRUE MURDER, Yaba Badoe  - Kindle
  10. 4.4, DEKOK AND THE DEAD HARLEQUIN, A.C. Baantjer  - Kindle, translated
  11. 4.5, THE BLACK PATH, Asa Larsson - translated
  12. 4.5, THE CORONER, M.R. Hall - audio book, library book

Read the reviews I wrote at http://paradise-mysteries.blogspot.com/p/latest-additions.html

Check what others have chosen for their September Pick of the Month

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I'm glad you liked the Cleeves so much. I like her Vera Stanhope series very much, it's always good when the quality of a series says strong as the series moves along.


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