9 October 2012

Crime Fiction Alphabet 2012 - U is for UNGER

I've decided that for the Crime Fiction Alphabet meme this year I will choose books I've read in 2012. Imagine my horror when I discovered that my 2012 list does not contain any author with a U for first name or surname, nor a book with a U in the title!

I did contemplate counting the number of Us in a combination of title and author, but then I decided to see what authors I listed in my blog with a surname beginning with U. Only one!

There are a number of books with titles starting with U like UNDERTOW by Sydney Bauer, and THE UNCOMMON READER by Alan Bennett, THE UNQUIET NIGHT by Patricia Carlon, AN UNHALLOWED GRAVE by Kate Ellis, and 3 by Jungstedt, Mari: UNSEENUNSPOKEN, and UNKNOWN.

But my choice this week is  Lisa Unger with books I read in 2009, BLACKOUT and BEAUTIFUL LIES.  I did enjoy the latter more than the first outing.  I've always meant to read more by Lisa Unger but somehow just never have.

See what or who others have chosen for the letter U.



Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I have to confess I've not read Lisa Unger (yet), 'though I have wanted to read some of her work. That's one thing I like about this meme; a reminder of books that I want to read...

Marce said...

I have read Beautiful Lies and want to read more by her also.

Each week comes so fast.

Peggy Ann said...

Lots of good ones, Kerrie! I did not have a U to do this week.


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