1 November 2012

Forgtten Book: THE SCARLATTI INHERITANCE, Robert Ludlum

I've based my contributions to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books this year on books I read twenty years ago in 1992.

Robert Ludlum, 1927-2001, (aka Jonathan Ryder, Michael Shepherd) is these days better known for the Jason Bourne series, beginning with THE BOURNE IDENTITY published in 1980.

But THE SCARLATTI INHERITANCE was in fact his first novel, published in 1970.

Synopsis (Wikipedia)

In Washington during World War II, word is received that an elite member of the Nazi High Command is willing to defect and divulge information that will shorten the war. 

But his defection entails the release of the ultra-top-secret file on the Scarlatti Inheritance— a file whose contents will destroy many of the Western world's greatest and most illustrious reputations if they are made known. 

From there, the book takes itself back a few decades, and tells the story of a corrupt American soldier, his billionaire mother, and an agent working for one of the smallest secret service departments in the world.

THE SCARLETTI INHERITANCE foreshadows novels that Ludlum would later write that focussed on espionage and international secrets.

Unlike the Jason Bourne series, THE SCARLATTI INHERITANCE has never been made into a film despite the fact the film rights were sold, and scripts were worked on.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Oh, this was one of the first Ludlums I read. It's been a very long time, but I remember it and I'm glad you've highlighted it.

Anonymous said...

Just rereading this book after first having read it over 30 years ago and its as ingenious and enjoyable as it was the first time. Have read all of the authors books and although this was his first its still one of his best. Looking forward now to rereading some of his others. Surprised it hasn't been made into a film especially after the success of the Bourne series.


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