25 November 2012

2012 Global Reading Challenge completed

2012 Global Reading Challenge: 21/21 - -  

Completed at Expert Level.

I committed myself to reading 21 titles, all crime fiction, 3 titles each from 7 "continents". My 7th continent - historical crime fiction.
Blog site: 2012 Global Reading Challenge

 Africa - completed

  1. 4.5, THE LIMPOPO ACADEMY OF PRIVATE DETECTION, Alexander McCall Smith (Botswana)
  2. 5.0, DEATH OF THE MANTIS, Michael Stanley (Botswana)
  3. 4.6, TRUE MURDER, Yaba Badoe   (Ghanaian author)
Asia - completed
  1. 4.5, A BALI CONSPIRACY MOST FOUL, Shamini Flint (Indonesia)
  2. 4.5, THE THIEF, Fuminori Nakamura (Japan)
  3. 4.2, ASIA HAND, Christopher G. Moore (Thailand)
Australasia/Oceania (my modification) - completed

  1. 5.0, THE BROTHERHOOD, Y.A. Erskine (Tasmania)
  2. 4.7, BLOOD MOON, Garry Disher (Victoria)
  3. 4.0, BODY ON THE STAGE, Bev Robitai (New Zealand)
An extra hurdle for Australasia - at least one from New Zealand.
I can count separate Australian states.

Europe - completed
  1. 4.7, HEADHUNTERS, Jo Nesbo (Norway)
  2. 3.5, OUR KIND OF TRAITOR, John Le Carre (Britain)
  3. 4.6, THE COLD COLD GROUND, Adrian McKinty (N. Ireland)
North America - completed
  1. 5.0,  A TRICK OF THE LIGHT, Louise Penny (Canada)
  2. 4.5, THE END OF EVERYTHING, Megan Abbott  (North America)
  3. 4.4, SUICIDE RUN, Michael Connelly (North America)
South America - completed
  1. 4.4, WHO KILLED PALOMINO MOLERO?, Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru)
  2. 4.5, ALL YOURS, Claudia Pineiro (Argentina) 
  3. 4.7, PERFECT HATRED, Leighton Gage (Brazil)
7th Continent: Historical crime fiction - completed
  1. 4.5, MURDER AT THE SAVOY, Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo (Sweden in 1960s)
  2. 4.4, THE RESURRECTION MEN, Sara Fraser (England 1826)  
  3. 4.7, DEATH COMES AS AN END, Agatha Christie  (Egypt 2000 BC


Anonymous said...

Well done, Kerrie! I so admire the way you accomplish so much reading on these challenges and memes!

Marina Sofia said...

Well done - quite a hard challenge, but looks like a fun one. I will try to complete something like that in 2013. Nothing like adding a bit of a system to my reading! You always inspire me to try out new things.


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