16 December 2012

Some reading challenges will go uncompleted this year

Each year reading challenges give me something to aim for, as well as a method of getting some balance into my reading diet.

Regretfully this year I can see that some challenges will go unfinished, but I guess that is a good thing otherwise we would simply keep raising the bar until we got to impossible heights.

I've already completed most of my reading challenges - see the list below- but I can already tell that I am not going to read as many books this year as I did last.
Perhaps 3 more for the year, which gives me 141. This is the main target I'm not going to meet.
The fact that my e-books total is down is linked to the fact that I've read fewer books for the year too.

I am currently reading LETHAL INVESTMENTS by Kjell Ola Dahl which will let me complete the Nordic Reading Challenge target of 20.

I won't finish the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge, might add 1 more to the list, and I've got a couple more American author books to read, so I'm down on my target there. I am ashamed that I haven't got around to reading more New Zealand authors.

I am a failure at reading non-crime fiction too.
But generally the reading challenges have given me some direction.

If you want to check which books I've read for which challenge you can see the lists on my 2012 Reading Challenges Update.

So will I take on some more reading challenges in 2013? The answer is "yes". Currently thinking about which ones. The list will probably look a bit like the 2012 ones.

  • Agatha Christie Reading Challenge - ongoing - 14 /12 this year
  • 2012 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge: aiming for 166+ currently: 138
  • 2012 e-book challenge currently 61/75
  • Nordic Challenge 2012 currently 19/20
  • Aussie Author Challenge 20/12 - completed
  • 2012 Global Reading Challenge currently 21/21 - completed
  • Canadian Book Challenge 2011-2012 13/13 - completed
  • Canadian Book Challenge 2012-2013 - 3/13
  • Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge 10/16
  • Historical Fiction Challenge at Historical Tapestry 20/10- completed - have decided to go to 20 books.
  • British Books Challenge 58/12- completed, now just tracking

  • Personal reading challenges
    • American authors: currently 14/20
    • translated, currently 26 - last year 20
    • New Zealand, currently 1/4
    • new to me: currently 47 - last year 60
    • not crime fiction: currently 1


    Anonymous said...

    Kerrie - I don't even see how you complete the reading you do complete. If I ever grow up I want to be able read as much and as widely as you do.

    Anonymous said...

    Will you host the 2013 Global Reading Challenge?

    Kerrie said...

    Yes, I will host it next year, might just be a bit slow in getting it off the ground, as I don't get back to Australia until January 10

    Anonymous said...

    Well, this is very good and your total of books read puts me to shame.

    I wonder if I should take a speed-reading course.

    I appreciate the global reading challenge and have done pretty well with it, having two books to read to make my goals.

    Thanks so much for hosting next year's as the goals are easier for me to make than my own kind of dabbling in various books.

    Yet opening up the horizons in reading and in learning about the world brings boundless knowledge and enjoyment. It's great.

    I keep telling friends instead of reading some non-fiction about a country, I'll find a mystery to read.


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