8 July 2015

Finishing off the Agatha Christie short stories

According to my records, although I have completed reading the Agatha Christie novels, I still have a number of short stories to go.

First of all I need to check out these collections:
However many of the short stories published in these collections were also published in other collections and I have actually read them.
So I have begun tracking the collections above through my local library network and finding the elusive few that I haven't yet read. The problem is compounded by the fact that some were also published under other titles according to whether they were published in the US or UK, or whether they were modified and then re-published.
So, a bit of tedious housekeeping ahead.

Currently I have 143 short stories on my list, but I am not sure how many there are in total.
Has anybody come across a number? An article on Wikipedia suggests 153, but I don't think that includes any recently "found".

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Irene said...

Congratulations on completing the novels, I'm not sure I want to, I'll feel like I have abandoned Ms. Christie, maybe that'll be my gift in old age, I won't remember which I have read and I'll enjoy them all over again.


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