3 July 2015

What I read in June 2015

Pick of the Month June 2015
I've had another good month - a couple of Australian authors, some translated Nordic titles, and of course some more British crime fiction.
  1. 4.4, TROUBLED WATERS, Gillian Galbraith - audio book
  2. 4.8, SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME, Yrsa Sigurðardóttir- translated
  3. 4.4, BLOOD ON SNOW, Jo Nesbo - translated, a novella 
  4. 4.2, THE BLUE ROSES OF ORROROO, Margaret Visciglio - Australian, set in 1928/29 
  5. 4.4, CRYSTAL NIGHTS, Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen - Danish author 
  6. 4.6, I LET YOU GO, Clare Mackintosh - British, new to me author
  7. 4.9, TELL THE TRUTH, Katherine Howell - Australian
  8. 4.4, THE PORT FAIRY MURDERS, Robert Gott - Australian 
  9. 4.4, SECOND LIFE, S.S Watson - British 
  10. 4.0, CHEF MAURICE AND A SPOT OF A TRUFFLE, J. A. Lang   - cozy, British
My pick of the month was the final book in Katherine Howell's Ella Marconi series, TELL THE TRUTH

Paramedic Stacey Durham has an idyllic life; her dream job, a beautiful house, and a devoted husband. Until her car is found abandoned and covered in her blood.

Detective Ella Marconi knows information is key in the first twenty-four hours, questioning the frantic husband, Marie, the jealous sister, and Rowan, the colleague who keeps turning up in all the wrong places.
Just as Ella starts to piece together the clues, a shocking message arrives for James: You won't see her again if you don't tell the truth.

As she sifts through the lies, Ella's relationship with Dr Callum McLennan is under siege, and she doesn't know if it can survive the overenthusiasm of her family, or the blind hatred of his mother.
With the investigation hitting dead ends and new threats being made, Ella must uncover the truths buried beneath the perfect façade before the case goes from missing person to murder.

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Anonymous said...

Can't blame you on bit for choosing the Howell, Kerrie. She is truly talented.


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