18 October 2016

100 Reached!

This week I completed reading my 100th book for the year.

I doubt that I am going to reach the 135 which is my target for the year, expecially as I am about a month behind about where I was when I reached 100 last year.

Each year I wonder why I set myself targets and persuade myself that it gives direction to my reading. In reality I read whatever I want to, and targets have very little influence.

I do keep a summary page of my reading challenges, and the stats make interesting reading.
  • nearly 25% of the books read are by Australian authors
  • nearly 50% have been e-books
  • over 40% have been by British authors
  • 50% have been new-to-me authors
  • over 30% have been borrowed from my local library (none of these are e-books) 
  • over 15 % have been translated from another language into English
  • over 15% have been Vintage books published before 1960
  • only 6% have not been crime fiction
  • 10% have been Nordic crime fiction
All the books I have read in 2016 are listed here.
Here are the top of the list: I do attempt some sort of order but in reality there is probably not a lot of difference between 5.0 and 4.7
  1. 5.0, THE LAKE HOUSE, Kate Morton
  2. 5.0, A DEADLY THAW, Sarah Ward 
  3. 5.0, THE WRONG HAND, Jane Jago 
  4. 4.9, WHAT SHE NEVER TOLD ME, Kate McQuaile 
  5. 4.9, ALL THE BIRDS, SINGING, Evie Wyld
  6. 4.9, COFFIN ROAD, Peter May
  7. 4.9, PLAY DEAD, Angela Marsons
  8. 4.8, AN ISOLATED INCIDENT, Emily Maguire 
  9. 4.8, THE BLOOD STRAND, Chris Ould 
  10. 4.8, THE WATERS OF ETERNAL YOUTH, Donna Leon
  11. 4.8, TWISTER, Jane Woodham
  12. 4.8, THE WIDOW, Fiona Barton
  13. 4.7, THE DRY, Jane Harper 
  14. 4.7, THE WOMAN IN BLUE, Elly Griffiths 
  15. 4.7, EVEN THE DEAD, Benjamin Black
  16. 4.7, A DEATH IN THE FAMILY, Michael Stanley
  17. 4.7, THE CHOSEN, Kristina Ohlsson
  18. 4.7, THE TRAP, Melanie Raabe
  19. 4.7, DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, Peter Lovesey 
  20. 4.7, THE STONE WIFE, Peter Lovesey
  21. 4.7, ENOUGH ROPE, Barbara Nadel
  22. 4.7, LOST GIRLS, Angela Marsons


Anonymous said...

Well done on the 100 books, Kerrie. I admire the way you take on so many challenges, actually.

Jose Ignacio Escribano said...

Well done Kerrie. I'm impress.


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