5 October 2016

New-to-me authors July to September 2016

I have still not caught up with records of my reading for the last month so this list is missing at least a couple of new to me authors.  However, I have now recorded 46 for the year (last year 53 for the whole year) and that means almost 45% of the books I read are by a new-to-me author. Most of them are on my kindle, and many are by authors who have contacted me. I have probably turned as many away.
  1. 4.4, THE SATELLITE PEOPLE, Hans Olav Lahlum
  2. 4.7, THE CHOSEN, Kristina Ohlsson  
  3. 4.5, MISSING PRESUMED, Susie Steiner 
  4. 4.3, THE LOVING HUSBAND, Christobel Kent 
  5. 4.4, I'M TRAVELLING ALONE, Samuel Bjork
  6. 4.5, ONLY DAUGHTER, Anna Snoekstra
  7. 4.3, GIRL IN THE DARK, Marion Pauw 
  8. 4.3, THE TIGER LADIES, Sudha Koul
  9. 4.6, THE DEVIL IN THE MARSHALSEA, Antonia Hodgson 
  10. 4.3, RESURRECTION BAY, Emma Viskic
 See what others have read. 

1 comment:

Terra said...

I like your list, and these authors are new to me too. I am getting close to caught up on some of my favorite mystery series, from Camilleri to Rankin and beyond.


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