1 October 2016

My Listed Reading - August and September

I'm still catching up with my blog for the last couple of months ans so my Latest Additions list is incomplete. I have a dozen or so to add, and they will go into October's list.

So here are what I have listed
  1. 4.6, DIFFERENT CLASS, Joanne Harris
  2. 4.3, MR JELLY'S BUSINESS, Arthur Upfield 
  3. 4.4, HESTER & HARRIET, Hilary Spiers 
  4. 4.4, I'M TRAVELLING ALONE, Samuel Bjork 
  5. 4.5, ONLY DAUGHTER, Anna Snoekstra 
  6. 4.3, GIRL IN THE DARK, Marion Pauw 
  7. 4.4, THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10, Ruth Ware 
  8. 4.2, THE GROWN UP, Gillian Flynn  
  9. 4.2, THE HEAT, Garry Disher 
  10. 4.5, THE UNDESIRED, Yrsa Sigurdardottir 
Of those Joanna Harris' DIFFERENT CLASS got the highest rating so I will let you consider that.
Some people might argue that it is not strictly crime fiction, but perhaps closer to literary fiction. 

If you are looking for and Australia author then consider the Arthur Upfield which is vintage crime fiction, or the Garry Disher which is the latest in a series, or newly published author Anna Snoekstra, which takes an interesting idea and gives it a few quirky twists.

See what others have chosen for their pick of the month for September

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