25 October 2009

When is your favourite reading time?

Do you have a favourite time and/or favourite place to read?

In my case the day never feels complete without reading right before I put the light out. I'm usually lying on my side in bed with a lamp shining onto the pages. It's probably the best time and place for me .

You may not know there are lots of devices designed to make reading in bed a more comfortable experience.

What about a book-seat, or a book light, or a book holder? Have a look here for some suggestions for your Christmas list. Click on the image below for details about the device it shows (which is what I have).


Bernadette said...

I walk to work most days and when I do I stop for coffee and reading in the East end somewhere - it's my favourite time of the day to read (although I do listen while walking and read in bed too)

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - That's a great question! My favorite time to read is in the evening, after all of the day's chores are done. I can really concentrate on what I'm reading then. It also lets me read when I'm least likely to be distracted.

Zee said...

Well like you reading before bed is a must. But really I am an any time reader. I love reading when the weather outside is frightful (this weekend described as days when even Dementors would curl up in front of the fire with a cup of hot cocoa) because it seems so justified.

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I love reading in bed right before I go to sleep, but I think my favorite place to read is on my couch. I have a big green old comfy couch that is just awesome.


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